Abena - Patricia Zeigler gives high praise for Adiama founder Kwadwo Gyasi

Akos - Sarah Gerald shares how her journey has led to renewed commitments

Abena - Tawana Johnson describes a journey that she will never forget

“I thank Adiama for the ancestral symbolic walk that has

allowed me to rid myself of negative stereotypes and beliefs.

My journey has strengthened me and has allowed me to

embrace that I am a woman of substance, purpose [and]

destiny... I have returned...with an energy and passion to

continue to live not only for myself but for my brothers

and sisters who are willing to open their minds to remove the

shackles from their lives.”

“I went to Afrika to learn a little about the culture... I came

away with a lot more. I came away with a satisfaction and

a feeling in my heart that I can not describe in words. I felt

like I had come home. It fascinated me that the things I

learned as a child growing up in Jamaica... I was hearing the

same stories, I was feeling the same feeling...

I have made a commitment to myself, I’m starting with all

the male members of my family... I’m encouraging them,

the young and the old, to take this journey.”

“Kakum National Park...was totally awesome.

Crossing seven bridges... being able to release seven

challenges... that I never thought that I could possibly

overcome... Walking in the footsteps of my ancestors

was just totally... I can’t even put into words how I felt.

At some point I can’t wait to bring my two sons back to

tour with Adiama because it was a great experience.

I will never forget this trip. You are wonderful, everyone

that was part of your team - thank you. “


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