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The War We Are Living: Afro-Colombian Women Fight for Their Ancestral Lands

Watch The War We Are Living on PBS. See more from Women War and Peace.

If you ask Colombia’s city dwellers and governing political class, they’ll tell you the country’s 40-year-old civil war is over. But The War We Are […]

Jende Ri Palenge (People of Palenque): Afro-Columbia [Soul Jazz Records]

by KEVIN on Mrz 3, 2012 • 9:00 am from

The Jende Ri Palenge (People of Palenque) compilation on Soul Jazz provides an exhaustive collection of homegrown Afro-Columbian roots sounds and a comprehensive insight into a vibrant musical and cultural legacy fusing Latin and African influences. This ambitious new release is the result of […]

San Basilio de Palenque: African Tradition in Colombia

On the Colombian Caribbean Coast, at a distance of one hour from the city of Cartagena, between mountains and swamps, there is a place where, in spite of the passage of time, its inhabitants live guided by African customs, traditions and rites, just as their ancestors did several centuries ago.

This place, known […]

Paramilitaries Threaten Afro-Colombians that Recently Advocated for Human Rights

Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network Statement November 3, 2010 Paramilitaries Threaten Afro-Colombians that Recently Advocated for Human Rights at the OAS and U.S. Congress

On October 30, paramilitary groups that identified themselves as the ‘Capital Bloc of the Black Eagles 380,’ or Bloque Capital de las Águilas Negras 380, threatened several Afro-Colombian and indigenous leaders, unions, politicians, […]

Afro-Colombian Community Faces Eviction To Make Way For Gold Exploration

Latin America News Dispatch Posted by Roque Planas on Aug 23rd, 2010

Displaced peasants protest before Colombia's Congress in 2009. Colombia has one of the largest internally displaced populations in the world.

An Afro-descendant community in northern Colombia is in danger of being displaced to make way for gold exploration, according to reports from […]

Palenque: An Afro-Colombian Community

Palenque: An Afro-Colombian Community Four hundred years ago, escaped slaves formed Palenque. Today, the Colombian town celebrates its African roots By Kenneth Fletcher, October 29, 2008

A statue of town founder Benkos Bioho sits in Palenque’s main square.

Centuries ago, escaped slaves built isolated forts in the jungles that surround Cartagena, once Colombia’s main […]