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Brazilian slave port ruins unearthed in Rio’s Olympic facelift

Archaeologists find remains of port where hundreds of thousands of Africans were sold to plantation owners Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro, Friday 4 March 2011 09.17 EST

A view over Rio de Janeiro, where archaeologists believe they have unearthed the ruins of a notorious slave wharf. Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP

It was one of […]

Rio’s Cemetery of New Blacks sheds light on horrors of slave trade

Tooth analysis shows Africans taken from wide area ranging from Sudan in the north-east to Mozambique in the south Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro, Tuesday 20 December 2011 15.21 EST

Ana de la Merced Guimaraes who discovered that her house was sitting on the Cemetery of New Blacks, a crude burying ground […]

FBI To Close Case on Emmett Till and End Civil Rights-era Cold Cases

By ALLEN G. BREED and HOLBROOK MOHR 11/ 5/11 11:38 AM ET Huffington Post The FBI has announced that they are close to ending Civil Rights-era cold cases. The cases include murder cases in which there are no statute of limitations. So far the FBI have investigating 111 cases involving 124 deaths but are close […]

The Lena Baker Story

The Lena Baker Story was written, directed, and produced by Ralph Wilcox. It is based on a true story and was inspired by Dr. Lela Bond Phillips’ book Lena Baker Story.

The Lena Baker Story takes place in the early 1900’s through 1945 in Cuthbert, Georgia. It’s the story of one woman’s attempt to […]

Legal Lynching in Georgia? News

National News Legal Lynching in Georgia? By Jesse Muhammad -Staff writer- Updated Sep 28, 2011 – 11:35:50 AM

After execution of Troy Davis, supporters and family vow to fight death penalty

( – The title of its state song, “Georgia on My Mind,” could be a fitting symbol of what is dominating the […]

When Innocence Isn’t Enough: An Audio Documentary About Troy Anthony Davis

SUMMARY: Produced on 11-8-2007 and narrated by Naji Mujahid of the DC Radio Co-op/Peoples’ MEDIA Center, this work is a documentary about the plight of Troy Davis who has been on Death Row in Georgia since 1991; throughout this time he has maintained his innocence. He was convicted with no material evidence and solely […]

Video shows white teens driving over, killing Black man, says DA

By Drew Griffin and Scott Bronstein, CNN Special Investigations August 8, 2011 2:49 p.m. EDT

Editor’s note: The following story contains language some readers may consider offensive. Jackson, Mississippi (CNN) — On a recent Sunday morning just before dawn, two carloads of white teenagers drove to Jackson, Mississippi, on what the county district attorney […]

Incarceration Nation

by Linn Washington, Jr. Mass Black incarceration is a kind of “punitive backlash” against the gains of the Sixties, and only a “a major social movement” can challenge it. Nowhere on the planet is mass imprisonment more entrenched than in the United States. “The U.S. imprisons more than South Africa did under apartheid.” At […]

COINTELPRO 101: Documentary

COINTELPRO may not be a well-understood acronym but its meaning and continuing impact are absolutely central to understanding the government’s wars and repression against progressive movements. COINTELPRO represents the state’s strategy to prevent movements and communities from overturning white supremacy and creating racial justice. COINTELPRO is both a formal program of the FBI and […]

BANISHED: American Ethnic Cleansings | Independent Documentary

A hundred years ago, in communities across the U.S., white residents forced thousands of black families to flee their homes. Even a century later, these towns remain almost entirely white. BANISHED tells the story of three of these communities and their black descendants, who return to learn their shocking histories.