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From Bahia with love: Olodum brings the sound of samba-reggae

The Boston Globe Sept. 19th 2010 One year after the death of Neguinho do Samba, the gentle but relentlessly grooving revolution that he helped launch in Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia continues to win converts and transform old notions of Brazilian identity.

As the founder of the powerhouse percussion ensemble Olodum, Antonio Luis Alves de […]

Brazil’s census offers recognition at last to descendants of runaway slaves

Tom Phillips in Engenho II, Kalunga Territory, Wednesday 25 August 2010 18.40 BST When Jorge Moreira de Oliveira’s great-great-great-great-great-grandfather arrived in Brazil in the 18th century he was counted off the slave-ship, branded and dispatched to a goldmine deep in the country’s arid mid-west. After years of scrambling for gold that was shipped to […]

An Unforgettable Journey: 10 Amazing Days in Bahia, Brazil

Join us for the Journey of a Lifetime as we intimately explore Bahia, Brazil and reconnect with our sisters and brothers for 10 amazing days. If you would like more information about this journey please click the image above or simply jump to see the itinerary, deposit information as well as exclusive audio of […]

Black Brazilians Learn from Steve Biko

Black Brazilians learn from Biko By Alejandra Martins

Steve Biko sought to set black South Africans free from oppression and he died for it.

He probably never imagined that 30 years on, his message would be setting free the minds of young men and women thousands of kilometres away, in Brazil.

Ile Aiye: An In-Depth Documentary of the Candomble Religion in Bahia, Brazil

An in-depth look at the Candomble religion of Bahia, Brazil in 6 parts. This documentary focuses on the role of ritual and worship in the everyday life of Afro-Brazilians. Are you interested in traveling to Bahia to learn more about African culture first hand? If so, check out what Adiama has to offer! PART […]