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Remembering German crimes in Namibia

BBC NEWS 11 October 2011 Last updated at 10:18 ET

Germany refuses to pay reparations for crimes committed during colonial rule

In our series of viewpoints from African journalists, film-maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo asks why there are no memorials to those killed in Namibia during German colonial rule.

According to The Namibian […]

Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth

Millions of Congolese have lost their lives in a conflict that the United Nations describes as the deadliest in the world since World War Two. United States allies, Rwanda and Uganda, invaded in 1996 the Congo (then Zaire) and again in 1998, which triggered the enormous loss of lives, systemic sexual violence and rape, […]

Omali Yeshitela Speaks at Occupy Wall Street in Oakland

Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African Socialist International, founder of the Uhuru Movement and leader of the Black is Back Coalition speaks at Occupy Wall Street in Oakland, California to the People of Color Caucus about struggles of African and Indigenous peoples against U.S. imperialism and Wall Street interests since its inception.

Join the […]

GADDAFI: the real reason why he was killed


Why They Want Him, Dead!

The Picture: War on Libya is War on Entire Africa Source: Reuters Edited By: Quoriana Posted: 2011/07/27

In 2010 Gaddafi offered to invest $97 billion in Africa to free it from Western […]

Dewey Bozella’s fight for justice

Nobody has ever bought a jersey with the name Dewey Rader Bozella on it. There are no sneakers embossed with a DRB logo. Few people in the world of sports have ever heard of Dewey Rader Bozella.

But a week from today, Dewey will step on stage at the ESPYs to speak.

Naturally, he’s […]

Outrage as Kenyan aristocrat Thomas Cholmondeley is jailed for just eight months for killing poacher

By MAIL FOREIGN SERVICE Last updated at 9:03 PM on 14th May 2009

Handcuffed: Thomas Cholmondeley was told he would spend eight months in prison for killing a poacher

A court erupted in anger yesterday after an aristocrat who shot a poacher dead was told he would be free in eight months. The Kenyan judge […]