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DEAR DADDY: a message from our daughters


82.3% is the number of African American children born since 1990 that will not live in the same home as their biological fathers before graduating High School. Today, a generation of African American youth, have not had sustained access to positive paternal or male role models. Consequently, the […]

Stranded: Stateless in the Dominican Republic

Al-Jazeera Witness Last Modified: 13 Jul 2011 12:41 By Steve Sapienza For many Haitians fleeing dictators and poverty at home and looking for work in the cane fields, the Dominican Republic has long been a refuge. However, possibly a million Haitians or people of Haitian ancestry are now being affected by the adoption of a […]

The Blooms of Banjeli

The Blooms of Banjeli documents research in Banjeli, Togo on iron-smelting technology, its rituals, and the sexual prohibitions surrounding it. Including rare historical footage from the same village in 1914, it provides a unique technological record of the traditional method of preparing a furnace to smelt iron.

For centuries the high-quality iron blooms from Bassari […]

Tree of Iron

This is one of the few films to document archaeological work on ancient civilizations in Africa. It also deals with an important subject, African iron smelting, and presents convincing evidence for early indigenous technologies far more complex than previously expected. The Tree of Iron is set in Tanzania, East Africa, on the western shores of […]