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Cuba: An African Odyssey

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Black People of Suriname Fight To Hold On To Their Paradise

AfroSpear September 13, 2010 by Anna Renee I remember the first time I became familiar with the country of Suriname. I was listening to a Donnie McClurkin song that is a language medley psalm. He sings in the language of a number of countries in this beautiful praise song. Donnie then names Suriname and sings […]

From Bahia with love: Olodum brings the sound of samba-reggae

The Boston Globe Sept. 19th 2010 One year after the death of Neguinho do Samba, the gentle but relentlessly grooving revolution that he helped launch in Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia continues to win converts and transform old notions of Brazilian identity.

As the founder of the powerhouse percussion ensemble Olodum, Antonio Luis Alves de […]

Memories of Sharecropping

Find more videos like this on Adiama Network: Carrying on the TraditionSegment from the powerful documentary: Goin’ to Chicago – Interview subjects recall their lives in the South as members of sharecropping families. Sharecropping was a system by which landowners rented land to farmers in exchange for a percentage of their crop. The life […]